day 16

it never seems to rain here in maui, and the temperature is over eighty degrees every day. just the same, i don’t think i could ever live here. all the walking i’ve done here has really only been difficult due to the utter lack of shade. i don’t understand how this can be the case as maui doesn’t lack for trees. it just seems that these trees are horribly stingy. in most areas that you find yourself walking here, you do so in the beaming, blazing sun. just as i know i couldn’t live in a place of drastic cold, i know i also don’t belong in a place with such incessant heat. i’m from a place of changing seasons and generous trees. consistency of heat or cold does not suit me.

i have also now been lifted, by bus, into the once-distant hills. to one side of me, the mountain ridges were folding and unfolding, and to the other, the ocean was roiling far below. i knew i didn’t belong there either. i’m from a flatter place with fewer surprises. the land doesn’t tower, and the water doesn’t thrash.

perhaps i don’t really belong anywhere. many years ago, i got a pedicure from a woman who was, i believe, Vietnamese. she noticed a mark on the bottom of my foot, and she told me it meant that i would be prone to wander. i don’t mind that. actually, i guess i rather like it. i appreciate seeing and enjoying things here in maui almost as much as i appreciate knowing that i won’t be around long enough to grow weary of them.

my family thinks it’s strange—even wrong—to stray away from your home, but i can’t imagine not doing so. there is so much world to see. being born on a mountaintop doesn’t mean you were meant to stay in the mountains any more than being born into a family of coal miners means that you were meant to mine coal. just because chocolate chip ice cream is good doesn’t mean you should never try haupia, right?


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  1. EFC

    I think you just need a car! 🙂

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