day 14

this is a post about food, but it’s not the official food post. you see, the name of this food product i discovered in the freezer at my local sainsbury’s is just so unbelievably outrageous that i felt it merited a post all to itself. behold…


wow! “mr. brain’s pork faggots” is a name so fastastically ill on so many levels that this discovery alone may have made my trip worthwhile! if i were to have used the words “brain,” “pork,” and “faggot” in a row within a single phrase, there’s just no way it wouldn’t be the most spectacularly vulgar thing i’ve ever said. yet you can put those words in a row on a food package here and nobody bats an eye. brilliant!

for any non-american reading this, let me explain the americanese:

  • the term “brain” is a slang word for oral sex, substitutable anywhere you might have used the term “head”
  • “pork” is another word for sex, as in “he porked her”
  • the word “faggot” is an epithet for a homosexual male

now, for any americans reading this, “faggots” are balls…

…oh, just forget it!



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2 responses to “day 14

  1. EFC




  2. janell

    That is just hilarious! It’s funny too see how different words/phrases means different things in other countries.

    BTW, I had no idea you were this far into your London trip. Lots of catching up to do! Stay safe…and DRY!!!

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