day 22

Anyone for Pimm’s?ā„¢

well wasn’t i lucky to be invited along for a sunday out in surrey (cf. long island). susannah and her boyfriend, edward, were going to have a leisurely bbq in the garden, and i got to be the gooseberry (ha…see yesterday’s vocabulary). despite the pouring down rain we heard they were having in london, things out in surrey were grand. beaming sun and very few clouds. i would even go so far as to say that it was hot—not the 78 degrees “hot” where british and irish people start complaining, but bona fide over 85 degrees. matter of fact, i haven’t really been cold anymore for several days. seems england really does have a summer!

the bbq came complete with the proper english drink for a summer’s day: a pimm’s and lemonade. pimm’s is a gin-based alcohol, and wikipedia says this about it: “Pimm’s is most common in Britain, particularly Southern England. It is one of the two staple drinks at Wimbledon, the Henley Royal Regatta, and the Glyndebourne opera festival, the other being champagne. As a result, Pimm’s has the reputation of being a drink for the upper class.” well la-dee-da! here’s to a proper glass of pimm’s and lemonade:

the day included good company, good music, good food, good weather, good pimm’s, and a good episode of “top gear,” a british car show that unabashedly shits on the american automotive industry. (i couldn’t really be mad though; even americans don’t want american cars.)

after topping things off with a good night’s sleep on edward’s couch, the morning afforded me a chance to take on england’s overland railroad (cf. long island railroad). the biggest challenge there was tolerating little samuel and his sister, whose loud exchanges, squealing, and playing had everybody in a proper english snit. i felt bad for the people commuting in for work; so much for a peaceful start to your day, folks.

upon arriving back at susannah’s, though, i had a pretty peaceful view from her window. there’s construction going on behind her building, and the site is full of young eastern european guys. what with it being so bloody hot and all, they’re all shirtless. just a-mortarin’ and a-glistenin’ and a-brownin’ away in the sun. hot damn, let’s hear it for summer in england! anyone for pimm’s? šŸ˜‰


  • ring road = beltway
  • boot = trunk
  • bonnet = hood
  • sectioned = committed (as in, “amy winehouse’s dad tried to have her sectioned, but since she was already married, only her husband could do that.”)
  • third time lucky = third time’s a charm

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