day 28: oi! time to wrap up, idnit?

^ sunny and breezy in trafalgar square ^

goodbye, london…

what can i say? i’ve tramped your streets now from the north to the south and many places in between. i learned that i must hail my bus and that a “circus” doesn’t always mean elephants and clowns. anyway, i came, i saw, i ate chocolate. what will i miss about london? well…

…i’ll miss:

  • the top “salon” of the double decker bus
  • marks & spencer foods
  • london cs group (good people!)
  • the comedy stylings of susannah & edward
  • candy’s crazy self
  • trafalgar square (my favorite bus stop)
  • immediacy of warmth when the sun does come out
  • off licence chocolate raiding
  • the eastern european girls smoking at the window
  • the ever-so-useful expression “top up”
  • napping through cold, rainy days
  • the british accent
  • bright sunshine ’til 9pm

…but i’ll not miss:

  • bright sunshine at 5:30am
  • prevalence of chilly and rainy days
  • military time
  • tepid drinking water
  • sporadic, difficult-to-find street labeling
  • opposite side traffic
  • $5 each way subway rides
  • the tanker-loads of tourists
  • that useless Knopf Mapguides book of london

i feel quite melancholy about leaving, but what can i do? paris beckons. “tough life,” eh, london?



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3 responses to “day 28: oi! time to wrap up, idnit?

  1. ailingcai

    Nice style, I like your blog.


    Ai Ling Cai
    Creative Director – Web C. Manager
    / Personal /
    / blog /

  2. piratejanny

    wow, thanks! i couldn’t read anything on your blog (i read english and spanish only), but it’s GORGEOUS to look at!

  3. ADM3

    Wait ’til the even MORE tepid water of France. At least there’s the sunlight ’til 10:30!!

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