day 13, part une

okay, as of yesterday, i officially want to “move my house.” and it’s not because of all the smoking. though that is admittedly unpleasant it is also mostly avoidable if i close my door and open my window. no—it’s the new people: G.I. Jane, her girlfriend (yet another white person with locs), and a guy-girl pair that go around speaking spanish to each other that i pretend not to understand.

none of these people were introduced to me, and whenever i enter a room that they’re in—which is every room because they are everywhere and don’t seem to be leaving—they don’t say a word to me, and they look at me with a mixture of disdain and disinterest that makes me want to hurl hot grits at them. they are not friendly; i am not comfortable. and i have over two more weeks of this? 😦


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