day 14

i’ve met many different kinds of people through my travels, people with varying passions. some have been girly girls interested in make-up and clothes, others less-girly girls interested in…girly girls. i’ve met people who run and people who climb. people who go about the world alone and people who move in a pack. artists and businesspeople. deeply intellectual people and, well, people who are less so inclined. drinkers-n-druggers and people who won’t touch the stuff. it’s been nice to see so many different kinds of people co-existing at the same gatherings, myself included. but at the end of the day, water seeks its own level.

some people naturally have a higher threshold for excitement. they aren’t satisfied with the carousel and have to be slingshotted to skyscraper heights in order to feel a thrill. they speak of slack lines and rappelling, of cliff diving, bungee jumping, and wild nights at burning man. and i listen to this with wide eyes and genuine interest in the differences between these people and me. their search is different from mine; water seeks its own level.

if something is your thing, i can respect that—be it going to church three nights a week, freebasing cocaine, rescuing stray animals, or having relations with a person of your same gender. everyone is different; your thing is your thing. i don’t have to share the passion in order to understand your motivation or to be your friend. i can have friends that go to bible study and friends that cross dress, too. maybe they’re even one and the same. water seeks its own level.

at the end of the day these days, i like getting to wherever i’m calling home on my own steam. i like walking alone down streets at night and breathing in the air of a different world. this is my thrill in life. to some it may not seem like much; to others it seems more frightening than anything they would ever dare. and that’s okay, too, because, you see, water seeks its own level.


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