day 21

this is a real time post. it is 12:50 in the afternoon in paris, france, and there has been a driving, cold rain going since before i woke up. it is perfectly appropriate for how i’ve been feeling these past few days: maudlin and despondent and lethargic and other downtrodden type adjectives. somehow it never seems to dawn on me until the magical last-patch-thursday arrives that the reason for my torpor is none other than the villainous captain of the dread ship P.M.S. Horrible (pronounced aw-REE-bluh).

once a month, many of us female folk are spirited away in our sleep, on his orders, only to awake, adrift at sea on this awful vessel. oh, we all escape eventually, but sometimes it takes a while. and most of the time, we are recaptured inside of a month. 😦

speaking of piracy, someone just recently asked me why my blog is entitled pirate janny. well, the reason is that i’m pretty sure i will never have a band. i’ve long said that if i were ever in a band, rock or otherwise, it would be called Pirate Jenny, after the nina simone song. however, since i can only competently play one drum groove and no fills, i think the band thing isn’t in my future. that said, let me tell you about the nina simone song, if you don’t know it.

“pirate jenny” is about a woman disguising herself as a lowly hotel maid in a “crummy southern town.” apparently, she somehow got separated from the pirate ship of which she is captain. but never fear—they are coming for her. and there’s gonna be hell to pay in the town, boy howdy. the moral of the song: a pirate does not make a good maid. i could definitely spell out a comparison to my own situation, but i think i’ll just leave the metaphor…afloat.



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4 responses to “day 21

  1. I’m glad that’s a ship I’ll never have to captain.

    It can be hard enough just making passage on it.

    But, you are in Paris. Any chance the Louvre can distract you? Or going to the bois de Boulogne? Or maybe just coffee in a small cafe near Mont Martre?

    Now obviously I have no idea whether any of those things would help but I figured I’d throw some suggestions of things I like in.

    Either way, I hope that the storm settles and you will be able to have a lovely weekend.

  2. piratejanny

    actually, i just committed myself to going out to dance salsa tonight. what was it… “je suis une debutante”???

  3. Perfect!
    And you said you didn’t speak french . . .

    Have a great time !

  4. Ps, please let me know where you went and how you liked it.

    I should be in Paris myself next month.

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