day 28—le wrap up

my departure was unceremonious. i ate my last coconut yogurt, left the key on amélie’s desk, and slipped back through paris like a fish that had freed itself from a hook. mathilde saw me leaving and said “bye-bye” and “have a nice time in spain.” i thanked her and waved; i was already half in the hallway at that point. i had been counting the minutes ’til leaving that flat and didn’t really care to say goodbye to anyone there. i guess it’s safe to say i won’t miss those girls. but is there anything of paris that i will miss? sure…there’s:

  • the beauty of the city
  • the beauty of the beige north african men—even though merely smiling at one of them is a stalking invitation
  • coconut as a flavor option (again!)
  • the appreciation of curly hair
  • the word “pamplemousse”
  • scarves
  • the swift, inexpensive subway system
  • pain au chocolat and street crêpes
  • ami

what i won’t miss, though, is:

  • the french language
  • the cost of living
  • the constant, incessant, never-ending smoking
  • the wonky internet connection
  • being in amélie’s flat
  • the disgusting kitchen in amélie’s flat
  • amélie herself (and her flatmates)
  • the hacking cough (which plagued me only while inside the flat)
  • the smell of armpits and body odor
  • and, last but not least, paris itself

i’m glad the last few days were completely gray and chilly with an impenetrable covering of clouds. it felt appropriately aloof—appropriately paris—and was a nice set-up for…


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One response to “day 28—le wrap up

  1. I’m so envious.

    Wish I could go to Spain as well!

    Enjoy it for me. I’ll have to live vicariously through you.

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