day 2, segunda

zomgz…i’m actually slightly buzzed right now. miko came and got me to go to a bar with her this evening. communicating with her is murder—half the time, i’m having entire conversations with her by myself. i know this because seconds, minutes, or even hours later, a topic comes up again, and she is completely unaware that i just told her, for example, that i already went to the store or that i don’t eat pork or that the sky is blue. nonetheless, i discovered at the bar that not only is she my peer age-wise, she’s actually older than me. by nine months. that makes me a bona fide fan! that said, i shall merrily soldier on with the murderous spanish.

at the bar, i met what i consider my first real european american-hater. it was the bartender, and he was ohhhh so condescending. he informed me that spanish will, within five years, overtake english as the language of business. (you should read about this on the internet,” he smugly advised.) he also went on and on about what a simple language english is. he speaks it without having ever studied it—simply translating his way through metallica, ac/dc, and guns n’ roses lyrics has made him the proficient english speaker he is today. qué fácil. the grammar. everything. “it’s the easiest language to learn.” and when i later said “hit me” (for my second glass of tinto de verano), explaining that it was american for “another,” he replied, “i don’t speak american; i speak english,” and walked away rolling his eyes. eeuw.

this experience almost taints the bar experience that is unique to granada and that miko had explained to me yesterday, despite my disbelief. the way it works is this: if you go to a bar in granada and order a drink…get ready for this…you are GIVEN tapas. fo’ FREE, dawg. bought a cheap ass glass of tinto de verano? here’s a plate of pork with potatoes and bread. bought another? here’s a plate of octopus. don’t like octopus? have a plate of shrimp instead (se dice “gambas” here, not “camarónes”). another glass? (hit me!”) here is a plate of calamari. it was crazy, and i wouldn’t have believed it if i hadn’t seen it. miko and i paid less than four euros each, and we got two drinks and four plates of food. i may have had to deal with a paris-like attitude, but the lack of paris-like prices is more than making up for it.


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