day 8

if someone else were telling me that all of the following things happened to him or her inside of a few weeks, i might think he or she was “taking the piss”:

  • got named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit for $3,169.25
  • had bank card number stolen and used
  • got laid off

however, these things all actually happened, in the aforementioned time frame, to me.

yo, i just got laid off. today. like JUST NOW.

umm…where’s the bottom of this hole?



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2 responses to “day 8

  1. EFC

    That really sucks. I’m so sorry. When things (seem) to be going so badly, they can only get better. I’ve been there. On the other hand…you’ve traveled the world and seen and experienced things others of us can only dream of!

    Just make SURE you take care of that first listed little matter. These NYC tenant-landlord things can haunt you for years to come, even if you aren’t at fault or if the case gets dropped. Email me if you want to talk.

    Love ya, E

  2. I don’t know about nyc landlords but I guess they’re not much friendlier than landlords anywhere else so I agree completely with EFC.

    Get that taken care off and don’t forget the receipts (or the fact that they’re in euroes 😉

    And sorry to hear you got laid off as well. Not sure how it is in your niche but will it be easy to find something else?

    On the bright side though (yes, I’m one of those eternal optimists, even if I forget that sometimes ;-), it looks like you get to start a brand new life entirely!

    How exciting!

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