day 15

tonight, upon hearing the magic word (free!) i agreed to go to with scarlett, her friend anna, and a bunch of other girls from the language school to the Festival Rock Zaidín, a live concert featuring several different spanish rock bands. to get there, we walked from el centro to the zaidín neighborhood, and it was not a short walk. but when we finally arrived, i discovered that the concert was part of another magic word: FAIR! zomgz! i love fairs! the rides! the games! the foods! the lights! the noise, noise, noise, NOISE!

scarlett and i seemed to be the only ones interested in the fair portion of the program, so we broke out for a bit to go on some rides. there was one just like the galaxia, the ride dieretou and i rode in brighton, except here it was called the rana feliz (the happy frog). when you pay for a ride, you get a plastic token specifically for that ride. in the case of la rana feliz…

behold—a one way ticket to whiplashville

did i say the name was the only difference between the rana feliz and the ride in brighton? ah…soy mentirosa; this is not true. the rana feliz is bananas. the rana feliz is about three times scarier, three times faster, and lasts about three times longer. scarlett and i were sent hurtling skyward, over and over again, sometimes with such ferocity that our culos lifted from the seats. normally when i’m on a ride and there is a control panel guy with a mic asking if we wanna go backward, i’m screaming yes with everybody else. not so tonight. forward was enough, guy. matter fact, a minute and a half would have been enough too. but thanks for trying to give me my 250 worth, i guess. *rubs neck*

we also rode the bumper cars. i don’t normally care for the bumper cars—it was always more my sister’s thing—but it was pretty fun tonight, despite the bruises it inflicted. scarlett and i took turns driving. when my turn was over, i took photos while she drove. here’s what happens when you get bumped WHILE taking a photo:

it’s a masterpiece, i tell you! i should get rammed into with a thousand pounds of pressure every daggone time i press the shutter button. i’ve already got whiplash and bruises anyway, so what the heck?


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