chapter 4: outright horror

now, when i was driving through alabama and mississippi, i couldn’t help but note both the quantity and variety of roadkill along the highway. i saw some things that were strange—a large bird of some sort, for example—and some things that i couldn’t even identify (nutria? armadillos? ROUSes?). but just as i reached the “welcome to new orleans east” sign, which should have been a beacon of the most hospitable variety, i saw one final piece of roadkill and promptly screamed at the top of my lungs for a full thirty-seven seconds. alligator. dead alligator. full-on ‘bout almost five foot long dead alligator on the side of the road as if it were on par with your average, garden-variety, roaming-along-in-a-populated-area possum. my eyes were big as saucers. that’s what hot in the streets here? (literally.) just man-eating animals underfoot like stray cats? that’s how it’s going down? and here i was worried about waterbugs. 😦


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