that louisiana is brimming with life is a given (from cockroaches to alligators to an inexplicable quantity of minnesotans), but one life form it offers up had puzzled me before i even reached new orleans. i’m referring to a certain smallish (about lightning bug-sized) insect that appears to have two heads, one at either end of its body. these fuckers (pardon the pun in advance) were everywhere when i first arrived. at first i thought maybe it was just some clever ruse of nature to help them trick predators—like how butterflies sometimes have decorative eyespots on their wings—but no. as it turns out, what i was witnessing is the fascinating plecia nearctica hardy. behold:

photo courtesy of wikipedia

photo courtesy of wikipedia

what you are seeing here is two bugs DOIN’ IT. these critters, commonly and aptly called “lovebugs,” are insects that, during their mating season, are in what i have dubbed Constant Coitus—even while in flight! (top that, Sting!)

what with the way this blog is going, i’ve decided to put my home state’s slogan to more appropriate use, to wit:

finally that damn thing makes some sense.


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