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have i mentioned that i make $12,000 a year as an americorps worker? that said, i don’t eat out much. but on the rare occasions that i do, i will mention the places here. this post will, then, be a running listing of the eateries i’ve visited—and my opinions of them. bon appétit!

Bee Sweet Cupcakes
5706 magazine street (70115)
saw this spot when i was driving down magazine and damn near flipped the car over to get to it. they had one coconut cupcake waiting for me, and i copped it post haste. the price was a little high, but i had to try it. as it turns out, their icing-to-cake ratio is really crazy—that thing was like sixty percent icing. super sweet. i’d have been really mad if i had actually flipped the car over for it.

Café du Monde
1039 decatur street (70116)
a landmark. twenty-four seven. visited in february and since i’ve been back. hot beignets, yo. can’t really go wrong here.

Cake Café & Bakery
2440 chartres street (70117)
dropped in for a cupcake one day. red velvet. quite good. stopped by another day with peaches et al. we all ordered real food plus cupcakes. i had a shrimp omelette and rather enjoyed it. chocolate cupcake with chocolate mousse inside and ganache on top also got demolished. will definitely dine again.

Camellia Grill
626 south carrollton (70118)
it was just a burger. *shrug* the place is fifties style with stools at the counter. cute. very popular, too. they pack ’em in on the weekends. i don’t see myself going again, though. if you do go, be prepared for a requisite fist bump from your server. meh.

Coco Hut
2515 bayou road (70195)
this is almost just a placeholder on account of all i had was a turkey burger and fries. granted, they were both good (due to the seasoning), but really…they serve brown stew chicken, jerk, curry, and whatnot—real jamaican foodso those are the things for which they should be judged. that said, i shall return! (march 2010)

Cooter Brown’s
509 south carrollton (70118)
ate here back during my february visit. my first ever po’ boy. as described in my february post, “it was full of big, well-seasoned fried shrimp on a long roll that was buttered and toasted.” it was slammin’. will definitely seek out another.

Creole Creamery
4924 prytania street (70115)
if you like ice cream, how can you really go wrong at an ice cream parlor? creole creamery has a lot of new orleans-y flavors, like creole cream cheese, red velvet, satsuma, and the one i got, black and gold crunch, which has some chickory in it. and trust me when i say this ice cream is of the very rich variety. don’t ask for details—just trust me on this one. O_O (jan. 2010)

Danny’s Seafood
1812 onzaga street (70116)
go to this 7th ward mainstay to cop yourself some spiced boiled seafood—crabs and crawfish and whatnot. they’ll hook you up with that, spiced turkey necks, pigs feet, whole bottles of liquor,  “cold drinks,” and even dessert. what they won’t hook you up with, though, is a place to sit or some napkins. that said, it’s best to go to danny’s when the weather is nice and you can go to tureaud park across the skreet, sit on a bench, and eat your seafood. just don’t forget to bring a roll of paper towels with you. (march 2010)

Dooky Chase’s
2301 orleans avenue (70119)
okay, i’ve kind of had dooky chase food twice now—the first time was at the gumbo tasting kickoff event held at the library and incorporated into my americorps orientation. leah chase came and brought green gumbo (gumbo made with greens and herbs as the primary ingredients), and this was pretty alright, i guess. then i ate at the actual restaurant as part of another service event. this time there was a buffet meal comprised of some kind of chicken with tomato, rice with sausage (jambalaya?), and string beans. all the food tasted sort of…processed. like canned string beans and zatarain’s out of the box. i was very underwhelmed. the bread pudding was good, though, even if it did have nuts in it. i am willing to revise this information once i’ve eaten a real off-the-menu meal here. as of this point, though, a pair of handsome twin waiters is the best thing dooky chase’s has shown me.

601 gallier street (70117)
took my parents here for breakfast when they were in town. they tried one of the specialties, the praline bacon, and i tried the other, the strawberry cream cheese stuffed french toast, which is only served on saturdays. both items were winners, and i would definitely like to go back for lunch or dinner. (jan. 2010)

Flava Cafe
1214 north rampart street (70116)
the all-you-can-eat buffet here was $12.99 and is a new thing offered in addition to a pretty expansive menu. i had some pork-free red beans (just meh), some greens of an unidentifiable nature (mustard? turnip? creeses?)(ick), mac and cheese (salty), oxtail (good), and some kinda stuffing that i think had crawfish in it (real good). oh, and some duck gumbo (really good). all-in-all, i’d give the place 3.5 out of 5 stars. very comfy and nice, and the food is pretty good. if you’re fixin’ to go, remember two things: 1) it’s byob, and 2) chef joy considers herself a seer—ask her to tell you your future! (march 2010)

4200 magazine street (70115)
ate here with some americorps folk and their significant others. i was the fifth wheel. :-/  at least the gumbo was good.

Jake’s Restaurant
2730 mount kennedy drive (marrero, 70072)
FINALLY…some gumbo that made me really get gumbo. my co-worker and i went to this hole-in-the-wall spot for lunch, and we both got the seafood gumbo. in the process, i learned that gumbo + rice = gumbo; ask for it without the rice, and you get the you-ain’t-from-around-these-parts-is-ya gas face.

The Joint
801 poland avenue (70117)
if barbecue is your thing, i can’t imagine you wouldn’t like this little spot. i’m not much of an aficionado and even *i* enjoyed the spicy, smoky brisket sandwich and the mac-and-cheese i ordered. the total was $8, and it lasted me two meals. granted, a can of ravioli is also two meals for me, but it’s at least fair to say that this place isn’t stingy. (feb. 2010)

The Kupcake Factory
841 fulton street (70130)
ohhh…this was very much win! i went on a tuesday to get lemon coconut (different flavors are available on different days), and it was well worth the trip. zippy and not overly sweet and with a perfect icing-to-cake ratio. i will definitely be investigating what goes on here from wednesday back around to monday!

Magnolia Grill
1122 decatur street (70116)
first place i ate when i moved here. the roomie and i ordered catfish and shrimp po’ boys and traded halves. the food wasn’t bad at all, and the drinks (i had a mimosa and he had a screwdriver) were big and strong.

Marigny Brasserie
640 frenchmen street (70116)
had my birthday 2009 dinner here. the waitress was turrble. unfriendly-bordering-on-surly. then she took the order wrong, bringing peaches french fries though she had clearly requested a side salad and bringing me a fully dressed po boy that i had asked for plain. know what she did then? she put those same tartar sauced shrimp on new bread and brought the shit back. i HATE tartar sauce. ::smh::  that wench sucked harder than a dyson. and that’s sucky! (dec. 2009)

Moon Wok
800 dauphine street (70116)
so i’d been watching lots of “sex and the city,” which made me melancholy for both new york and the chinese food it offers with such abundance. luckily, my boy came through in the clutch with a referral to moon wok. now, being that this place is smack in the french quarter of new orleans—not exactly a chinese food mecca—i went in a doubter…but i’ll be damned if i didn’t come out a devotee. their general tso’s was quite possibly the best general tso’s i’ve ever had. none of that overbreaded maybe-maybe-not chicken stuff—this was real, tender white meat chicken fried to a perfect crunch and coated with a sweet yet spicy sauce that will make your lips tingle and your taste buds tap da—

wow…i’m totally losing my cool here. so yeah, umm…shit was bomb, son. come through and cop you some. peace. (march 2010)

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen
various locations
i mean, yeah…it’s just popeye’s…but it’s popeye’s HERE—and that automatically makes it more delicious-er.

Real Pieman
1701 franklin avenue (gretna, 70053)
i can’t really tell you anything about the place because i haven’t technically been, but someone did bring me a crawfish pie from there, and mmmm…’twas nice. seafood pies are something i never heard of before new orleans, but i’ve now had a shrimp one and a crawfish one, and they are alllllright with me!

Red Rooster
2801 washington avenue (70113)
my original roommate told me that this snoball stand makes snoballs with ice cream, so i got my new roommate to go with me on a sunny good friday afternoon. i ordered a small coconut (duh) with ice cream in the middle. so the lady at the counter put the ice in the bottom of the cup, put flavoring on that, then she put ice cream on top of that, and then she topped it with more ice and more flavoring. the only bad thing about this approach is that the flavoring doesn’t run through the ice cream the way it does the ice. that means that the syrup and such pools atop the ice cream layer and makes a bit of a runny mess. eventually it all blends together as you eat, and this really is a winning confluence of deliciousness. just remember to ask for extra napkins and to bring a bottle of water to rinse your hands off afterwards.  (april 2010)

Schiro’s Community Café and Bar + Balcony Guest House + grocery store + laundromat + Julie’s Little India Kitchen
2483 royal street (70117)
i can’t explain why there is indian food being served  out of this strange mash-up of a place, but there is. it’s not über-authentic—the naan was very non-naan like and the samosas were done up in goya empanada discs—but i had been fiendin’ for indian food, and this was a close enough simulation at the time. (jan. 2010)

4001 magazine street (70115)
my first snoball. coconut, of course. it was pretty damn good, but it wasn’t really seeing my shave ice from maui (here at bottom). i understand snoballs can be ordered with condensed milk; i’ll have to try that next. and soon—most snoball stands end their season in october.

st. ann @ chartres (jackson square)
listen—their breakfast potatoes are cooked in bacon grease. i can’t think of any way to better recommend the place.

ted's frostop---now with upside-down signage!

Ted’s Frostop
3100 calhoun street (70125)
went to this diner-type establishment mostly just to see the sign out front. it was a giant root beer mug touting the name of the place. it’s still a giant root beer mug that touts the name of the place, only hurricane katrina knocked it clean off its pole and turned it upside-down…where it remains to this day. in fact, their t-shirts now bear the upside-down mug as their logo. cute. in more restaurant review relevant news, i had a nice catfish sammich and peaches took a bite of her hash brown and said, “animal fat…mmm.” the prices are great, too! (jan. 2010)

various locations
as chain restaurants go, this is pretty good. i had the shrimp étouffée—my first étouffée, mind you—and it was actually quite slammin’. being my first étouffée, though, i have no basis for comparision. any-hoo, entrées run from around ten to twenty dollars at this restaurant, and everyone that i went with seemed to really enjoy their food. i’d say this place is on cheesecake factory level—if cheesecake factory didn’t have cheesecake, that is. take that as you will. (dec. 2010)


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