po’ boy

noun (also: po-boy)

i mentioned my disillusionment with this in my original new orleans post (february 10, 2009). to paraphrase, i had imagined a po’ boy as something really unique and possibly cajun-y only to discover that it’s just the regional term for a sandwich on long bread. in defense (and differentiation) of the po’ boy, however, i now know that it is generally a hot sandwich and, unlike subs or heroes or grinders, it is often filled with seafood—shrimp or crab or crawfish or catfish or even oysters.

today i attended the third annual new orleans po-boy preservation festival ( and discovered just how much variety can go into even just these few types of po’ boys. the seafood can be fried or made into a salad (like tuna) or sauteed or barbecued—you name it—and it can all be “dressed” differently, too. sauces, fried onions and peppers, remoulades, slaws…and so on. so all these many months later, i am now finally willing to recant my original assessment. luckily for me, leidenheimer baking company, a leading local purveyor of the fine french bread loaves that are the basis for any good po’ boy, handed out a bumper sticker at the festival that sums up my new position beautifully:

suck on that, subway!


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  1. LOL, you are becoming a real New Orleanian…

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