being impoverished coordinates well with not being much of a drinker. however, much most of new orleans’s social life (and seemingly ALL of big red’s) revolves around drinking. that said, i have now visited a bar or two twelve here, despite being more interested in watching the paint age on my walls than breathing in these yokels’ secondhand smoke. indoor smoking has been banned since 2003 in nyc, people. when are you bamas gonna get the memo? anyway, here begins my running list of liquor-laden establishments i’ve patronized been dragged into:

the abbey: smoke-filled decatur street bar. nothing to write home about.

apple barrel: tiny frenchmen street spot with live music. this is where i first met big red. at a bar. shocker.

aunt tiki’s: smoke-filled decatur spot that’s still decorated like halloween (it’s march as of this writing). love seat in front is cozy, and the little lounge area in back is kewl, too. good jukebox. open all fucking night into the next morning. i know because i left at almost 5am and was back by around 7:30—and folk were still in there. O_O

balcony bar: only good because you can sit on the nice, big outside balcony thereby diffusing the amount of secondhand smoke you take in

bj’s: super-über local bywater dive…good jukebox, though

brothers three: deliverance-type bama dive on magazine about a block west of napoleon

bywater barbecue: smoke-filled sports-type bar (in back…restaurant in front)

candlelight lounge: went here on a smoke-free initiative night (!!) and heard the treme brass band play. good times!

coop’s place: decatur street bar with kitty inside; scene of my first (and last) hot buttered rum (hi, pie!)

cosimo’s: a relatively nice if smoke-filled venue by burgundy and rampart…*shrug*

delachaise: non-dive—only top shelf hard liquors + wine; don’t try ordering a Mounds Bar* here

finn mccool’s: smoke-filled dive with cheap drinks

half moon: smoke-filled dive with pub quizzes

helix @ the le cirque hotel: really upscale-y, modern-looking bar—you could think you were in soho or some such—with a live dj playing hip-hop and classics much more loudly than is necessary. this was on a thursday night, which is ladies’ night, which means free mojitos for the chicas. up side: free drinks! down side: turns out i officially don’t really like mojitos.

lafitte’s: probably big red’s favorite spot; smoke-filled, no-electricity-having piano bar

markey’s: smoke-filled really sports-y bar…but also birthplace of the Jan Special Mounds Bar (*bailey’s on the rocks with a splash of malibu)

masquerade @ harrah’s casino: went here for ladies’ night as well; drinks were free but consisted mostly of water + mixer. cheap asses.

mimi’s: smoke-filled bar with upstairs club where soul sister spins on saturday nights and makes up for every other bar i’ve been to

ms. mae’s: dive at magazine & napoleon

one-eyed jack’s: nice smoke-filled music venue on toulouse street by chartres

pirate’s alley café: pirate’s alley absinthe spot

prytania: non-dive spot with ladies night; like, TEN drinks free to ladies…wtf? even i turned into a drinker for that. peaches couldn’t hang with me, either. lightweight. hahaha!

R bar: walked in and back out. don’t even remember what i saw (read: smelled). update: hung out in there on a thursday night. it’s smallish and reddish with a pool table and a decent jukebox. :: shrugs :: nothing to write home about.

spotted cat: frenchmen street spot with live music (read: smoke-filled jazzy bar)

st. roch tavern: i moved (march 25, 2010—super sunday), and now i live like one block from this place. my friend took me there, and he walked in first—gracias a Dios for this  because there was a small dog inside that did what small dogs do: charged at him barking away. the owner of the dog came and scooped it up, but i still had to be practically dragged inside. once i was in, i discovered that there were other dogs inside, too, and was told that there are always dogs inside. that said, it’s official that i won’t be returning, so here’s my final word on the place: st. roch tavern is a smoke-and-dog-filled true locals’ favorite type of spot with a pool table in back, a little tv area, a full kitchen (with good fries), and small live music acts at any given moment. anything else you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

vaughan’s: local bywater dive with a dog inside—avoid, avoid, avoid! update: went on a thursday night to hear kermit ruffins play. included on the bill was branford marsalis; not included was the dog. 🙂

yellow moon: local bywater dive with a kitty inside PLUS open mic spoken word-slash-potluck night—attend, attend, attend!

yo mama’s: little pub in the quarter where everybody knows big red’s name. shocker. LOL.

jeebus…look how long this list is! and i know i’m leaving out a spot or two five. blame big red for this debacle; don’t worry—if anything, he’ll be proud.



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2 responses to “index

  1. Big Red

    Okay let’s just back the train up a bit here. Many things to add.

    1. This balcony bar sound interesting. I must look into it.

    2. Don’t say “avoid” for Vaughan’s just yet sister. I have a feeling that you will have a different opinion when we go there on a Thursday night. You are so quick to judge! Places have many different mojos on different nights.

    3. EVERYONE didn’t know my name at Yo Mama’s. Just Cole. Don’t give me alcoholic credit where it isn’t due.

    4. BLAME me? Come on. You should be thanking me.

    I guess that’s it. Go Saints!!

    • piratejanny

      ^^ guilty ^^

      1. that’s “peaches’” and my spot. it’s uptown on magazine skreet.
      2. there was a DOG in vaughan’s. unless he’s off on thursdays, i repeat: avoid, avoid, avoid!
      3. i like to take a few creative liberties with what i write here—like putting “big” in front of red. 😛
      4. i knew you’d be proud.

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