lundi gras


okay, let’s review. “lundi” is french for monday, so what does “lundi gras” mean? correct—it means fat monday. and what’s so special about fat monday? well…nothing, really. it’s not like there haven’t been mad festivities going on for some time already up to this point, but just in case there wasn’t enough drankin’, dancin’, and/or debauchery to go around, the zulu social aid & pleasure club, inc. (<< yeah, inc.! and don’t you forget it!) decided, in 1993, to start having a festival on the day before mardi gras.

luckily (or not) for me, they have this festival right in woldenberg park, i.e. the riverfront right along the quarter, i.e., in strollin’ distance of my house. so what the hell…stroll i did. and what did my elvish eyes see? well, there were stages with good musical acts, and people who’d brought their chairs out to sit and listen, and vendors selling really good food, desserts, dranks (yes, dranks), art, jewelry, and other stuff. there were kids and balloons and people in costume, including a full court of alice and wonderland characters, from the dormouse on up to the queen of hearts. i ran into darren sharper’s parents there, too.

if i’d stuck around or come back, i could have watched the arrival of the king of carnival, rex. he arrives by boat on lundi gras. but you know what? blah blah blah. it was sort of a family-friendly fête, and that don’t impress me much these days. i’ll skip this next year and hang onto the $8  i spent on food instead. not that the hot crab and catfish combo wasn’t good, but man…mardi gras season sure does wind up costing a girl.

this zulu rascal wouldn't give me one of his golden nuggets. (hmm...did that sound weird to you, too?)



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2 responses to “glossary

  1. trE

    LOL @ the golden nuggets caption. I don’t know Jan, Lundi Gras sounds way more fun than anything I’ve experienced in the last 4 months…

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