how do you do?

i’m jan.

i edit and author children’s books.

i’m a telecommuter.

i’m from virginia.

i’ve lived in nyc, l.a., and philadelphia as well.

i once spent a month in mexico, but i don’t think they had blogs back then. too bad—my photos there were excellent.

anyway, i’m blogging this time.

who’re you?


9 responses to “how do you do?

  1. Paula

    Aloha Miss Janet,

    I cannot wait to live through your experiences in Hawaii, as I waste away in the concrete jungle…


  2. Kim

    Hi Jannie Cakes – I miss you turribly!

  3. EFC

    You can create a new page for Mexico and put the photos there! 😀

  4. piratejanny

    i was totally gonna do that ^^ during the lull between maui and london, but i was just soooo tired!

  5. Mohamed

    Hello Jan ,
    I am Mohamed fromMorocco ,whom u met at Polyglot . I am writing just to say hello and to wish u a good stay in Granada .

  6. Hey Jan,

    Thanks for visiting my blog, we received the same card and our grandmother’s gave it to us, wow that is wild. :)and Yes my bday is in December, the 9th to be exact. 🙂 I am glad that you enjoyed the blog and I look forward to having you visit again. Have a blessed and favor filled day.


  7. Wow 10 days apart. As for signing up, I can not give you instructions right now, because they blocked the site at work so i’ll have to log in from home and give you directions. 🙂

    Perhaps when you go to my blog on the left at the bottom there is a link that says View my complete profile, maybe it will bring you to a page that will allow you to subscribe. As well, I tried to subscribe to your blog, but it tells me to put in a code to verify that I am not a spammer but when i type it in as it is shown it dosn’t work it just keeps refershing to a new code.

  8. Hi Jan,

    I’m Walter and I’m addicted to salsa.
    There, that wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Then again, you had probably already figured that one out.

    I like your blog so I figured the least I could do was introduce myself.

    I hope you have fun tonight and remember, if they are being all ‘french and snotty’ you can always step on their toes. After all, ‘tu es une debutante’.

    Have fun tonight and enjoy your weekend!

    All the best,

  9. Patrique Vosges

    Dear Jan,
    I’m enamored and intrigued by your site. The honesty and frustration that comes through in your writing is warm and personable. Plus, as much fun as traveling is and I know you must enjoy it, there are difficult moments. I can’t wait to hear about Spain and about wherever else you travel. A bientot, ma nouvelle amie.


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